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The modern Data Center needs considerable electrical power, even used to cool the system. The infrastructures have become more and more important and expensive: consider for example the concentration of heat produced by modern “blade servers” and the dissipation within a limited temperature window, or shortage of open spaces. It’s a must to optimize space and power consumption.

MUSTAC is our solution for a small and medium-size Data Center.

MUSTAC range includes several solutions for the different Data Centers power requirements. From the small MUSTAC in a sole cabinet, that is like a small data center room, to the modular MUSTAC that is designed to satisfy the most powerful computers.

MUSTAC is an air-conditioned cabinet: inside is located the server (and its accessories as hubs, switch boards, etc …), and the redundant modular uninterruptible power systems (UPS) with their sealed batteries. The air conditioner automatically optimizes both the temperature inside the cabinet and the energy consumption.



The system is made of 3 main units:

A. External Refrigerant Unit: can work with water as refrigerant,

named ERW (see fig. 2), or with gas as refrigerant,

named ERG (see fig. 1).

B. Cabinet with cooling system inside, connected to external

refrigerant unit through two pipelines (named CSW if water,

or CSG if gas).

C. Cabinet that can house UPS, batteries and server or only

server named SU.



The system is a closed system: the cold air comes out (forced by fans) from the front side of the cooling module:then is sucked in UPS & servers by fans. The hot air comes out from the rear part of UPS and servers, and is sucked in the cooling system. A special membrane parts the hot from the cold air.

The fans in the cooling unit are redundant and with variable speed, to optimize the energy consumption, and can quickly be replaced without stopping the system.

The system is supplied by modular, redundant (N+1) UPS on line, which provides for continuity of power supply (perfect sinusoidal waveform, noise free). The inner sealed batteries provide the energy reserve in case of blackout of the mains.

The MustAC, in a sole cabinet can be equipped with the water or gas refrigerator system, and respectively provided with an external chiller unit or a motor condensing unit. Following the standard data:

Note: Due to continuous product improvement technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

MUSTAC is a modular system that can be built in different configurations, depending on the needs of the Data Center. Its special feature is the possibility to be be adapted to the Data Center power and dimensions. Moreover it can grow with the Data Center starting from a basic standard configuration optmizing in this way the investiment costs to the real needs.

Basically two different cabinets are available.

Cabinet CSW or CSG. These are the cooling cabinets and they can work with chilled water or refrigerant gas in connection with the external units. They are combined in the modular system to cool the apparatus for server and power UPS. Their number depends on the installed power.

Cabinet SU. This type of cabinet can include the server or the battery or the UPS or a combination of them.

As from the figure below, it is possible to expand the system combining the two different cabinets depending on the Data Center requests.

The MUSTAC smallest configuration includes two cabinets: one cabinet SU for the UPS, battery, and server, and the other cabinet for cooling type CSW or CSG. Below is a typical configuration with two cabinets CSW, two cabinets SU for server appartus and two cabinets SU for UPS and Battery.