Atmospheric Water

-Atmospheric Water-


Each day we require approximately 20-25 litres of water for drinking and cooking purposes. However, many people still don’t have access to clean and safe drinking water. In fact, reports released by the UN, state that over 2.1 billion people lack access to safely managed drinking water services worldwide.

Prana Green Energy’s water technology uses a one-of-a-kind, reliable and adaptable technology which creates water from the humidity in the air, giving you fresh, bacteria-free, pure drinking water. Moreover, this water is completely untouched by contaminants in the ground or any other surfaces, unlike piped water.

We have mastered the unique science of water extraction from the atmosphere. Prana Green Energy designs and manufactures a range of air to water machines which are distributed worldwide. We have developed a super charged version of dehumidification which utilizing specially designed heat exchangers for our air to water generators which produce thousands of litres of clean purified water per day.

These atmospheric water generators (often abbreviated as AWG), are designed to extract water from humid ambient air. A compressor circulates refrigerant through a condenser coil which cools the air surrounding it, lowering the air’s dew point and causing water to condense

Prana Green Energy’s water systems conform to all the International safety standards. We are dedicated to developing and introducing new and innovative technology thorough out the world, over past decade we have introduce over 10 new and unseen technology to the East African region.

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